Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bridge Shots!

Bridge placing day! Good thing we had so many strong guy's out there to move the bridges about.

Matt Stone and Mike Schroden working on the on and off ramps. Matt made some very skilled cuts with his chain saw. Thanks Matt!!

Sunday's trail crew. THANKS!!
Crash helped out as well but bailed before the photo opportunity.

All photos stolen from Cory's blog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bridge Moving Day

Thanks to all who came out to help with the bridge moving. Little did I know that there was a football game...and an important one at that. Anyway we had a good crew (~16) despite the game and we moved 20 sections of bridge is various lengths.

Sam did a great job at making some sturdy bridges and directed us to carry these heavy bridges and place them along the trail. He will be making some corner pieces so the log's will be replaced eventually but it's a great start! Thanks Sam!!

I failed to bring the camera so if any of you that had phones can you email the photo's to me and I'll get them up on the blog.