Monday, April 25, 2011

Mud, Pottery and Coffee

 The North Loop still has some wet spots so stick to the trails that have been opened, someone has left some good ruts on Jail Break (officially closed section).  With more rain on the way, make sure you wait a good amount of time for the trails to dry out nicely before venturing off road in the next few days.

The Annual club meeting and membership drive is taking shape and it looks like a Mid May date will be set soon.  We are having a local potter make coffee cups this year so I have to coordinate with him, sounds like the cups are going to be pulled from the kiln on the 18th of May so more to come on that.  Hopefully we can get some photo's from him of the production of the cups.  He's designing a cool MMCC logo too so it'll be a great year to be a MMCC Trail Supporter!  Same price as always $20.00 per person (1 cup), $40.00 for the family (2 cups)! 

The MMCC Jr. Cycling Scholarship award winners should also consider making an appearance at this meeting because I will have their 2011 Racing jersey's and It will be good to introduce you to the club.

If your looking for more way's to support your local trails the club sells coffee at Fitzharris Bike and Sport and Revolution Cycle and Ski, $10.00 get's you an amazing lb of Fair Trade Organic beans by local roaster Muggsy.  Approximately $3.00 goes to the trails with each lb sold.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

North Loop Trail Conditions Report


We walked the beginning part of the North Loop trail system this evening.  Much of the beginning part of the trail has dried out nicely and is ride-able so we can now allow cycling on this section.  Once to "Slippery When Wet" it get's very wet and there is a lot of standing water, we've closed this section off, so please take the cut off option.  The ".03 Mile Trail" is also closed due to standing water and wet conditions. "Twisted Sister " is CLOSED too.

PLEASE ABIDE BY THESE CLOSURES AND ONLY RIDE ON THE FIRST OPEN PORTION OF THE TRAIL! The season is long and there is plenty of time to hit the other sections of the North Loop trail system.  If you see cyclists in areas they should not be in, show them the damage they are causing and push them into the mud. Winking smile

Thank You in advance and enjoy the single-track!

Happy Trails!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coffee so fresh it should be slapped!

A chilly weekend on tap, head on over to Fitzharris Bike and Ski or Revolution Cycle and Ski for Fresh Coffee!  $10.00 for a lb of Fair Trade Organic.  Now that's worth a wheelie or two!  Drink up and ride your bike!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Minnesota High School Cycling League

Some more information on the Minnesota High School Cycling League can be found here.