Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Megga Coffee and N. Loop Winter Closure

Yeah!  It's winter!  There is snow and skiing!

If your looking for a way to warm up after a ski
try a cup or two of Support Your Trail Coffee!
Need a gift for that special someone?
Buy Fare Trade Organic it's fun!
Coffee that supports the trails
helps you and your other biking pals!
Go to the till @ Revolution or Fitzharris
Buy a lb of FRESH coffee for your parents!
Yes! It's only $10 dollars
and 3 go to the gas and equip. repair coffers!

Yes, the N. Loop singletrack is closed for now
But the skiers have to have some fun somehow.
Ride your bike at the River-Bluffs Trail
and if you have to crash, don't get wet when you bail.

(I know it's really bad...)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Early Winter Update

Rumor has it people are still out and about riding the trails around St. Cloud.  Monday night rides are still taking place on the N. Loop @ 7 p.m..  Get as much of the N. Loop as you can because once the ski club starts grooming the N. Loop ski trails, the cycling trails close to cycling.

A large order of coffee will be hitting the shelves later this week.  Look for it at Revolution Cycle and Ski as well as Fitzharris Ski and Sport.  It makes great hostess gifts as well as Christmas Gifts.  Support your local trails and a local roaster.  Muggsy picks the best coffee beans for our cause; fair trade organic beans.

Please make sure you support your local stores this Christmas.  Unfortunately we recently lost a great bike shop this past week with the closing of Granite City Cycles this Sunday.  I'd like to take the time to Thank Gary and the staff that helped with the cycling events, trail work, and cycling advocacy in and around St. Cloud over the years. 

We will have the 2011 MMCC Jr. Cycling Team info up soon as well as info on a the fundraiser to generate funds for the cause.

Until then, keep the wheels moving!

Monday, November 1, 2010

MMCC Jr. Race Team 2010 Wrap UP

 The 2010 MMCC Jr. Race Team was out in full force taking on events across MN and WI this past summer.  The racers that represented the Team were brother-sister Josie and Sawyer Amo and Nick Kern.  In total they had 29 race starts and only one DNF due to allergies.  They over came a season full of mud races and plenty of travel. 
Nick participated in road, mountain bike and Duathalon events. 

In their reimbursement forms there were a few questions about their season that I will share with you...

Please describe some of the best and worst experiences during the 2010-racing season.
Nick KernWell the worst experience I had was when I got my chain stuck in my spocket at the single track escape.  The best experience was at the salem Park couse I thought I passed a lot.
Josie Amo:  The best experience of my racing in 2010 was when my cousin Lilly got to race with me.  My worst experience was at the afton avalench...it was hot and hilly!!!
Sawyer Amo: Some of the best things were traveling with my family and riding different courses.  Some bad things were allergies to plants.

Did you participate in trail work during the 2010 season?  If so, what were you tasked with and did you learn anything from the task and working with others?
Sawyer Amo:  Yes, I owed, hauled gas, raked, and helped load teh trailor.  If you have a course you have to keep it in good shape.

Did you volunteer during the MMCC’s Revolution Single Track Escape?  Did you participate?  What were 3 things you liked about volunteering or racing?
Josie Amo:  Yes, I volunteered and yes I participated in the race.  Somethings that I liked about volunteering where I got to spend time with Matt Stone and my grandma.

Would you submit a proposal to be a member of the MMCC JR. Cycling Team in 2011?  If so why and what would some of your goals be?  
Nick Kern: If im still feeling good I will for sure as long as I'm healthy and strong.  My goal is to be better in every race I do.
Josie Amo: This is undecided
Sawyer Amo: I don't know if I will be joining the team for sure because of summer plans.

Thank you for being a member of the 2010 MMCC Jr. Cycling Program.  We hope you enjoyed racing in the MMCC jersey and that you were proud to be a part of a program that was possible by dollars donated for the sole purpose for you to be able to get to races and have an opportunity to learn and grow in the sport of cycling.

I've asked for some photos and when I get some I'll post their racing results.
Thanks again for your support of the Jr. Cycling Team.  We hope to do this again next season so look forward to the dates of the fundraiser. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Trail work in Monticello-10/9/10

Here is a note from Jim Bell, he is looking for a crew to help clean up the Monticello trails this Saturday @ 8:30 a.m..

Ted and I rode Monticello last week and found it to be in really good shape, however it needs some help. The trailer really needs a walk through to mark the route and blow the leaves off the trail as well as some tall grass cut back in a few spots.

The trail is in better shape than ever, it just needs some attention.

I’d like to get a crew out there tomorrow for 3-4 hours and bring it back for fall riding. Would anyone have interest in meeting at 8:30 at Camp Manitou to help?

We will need weed whackers, back pack blowers, paint for permanent marking, rakes, shovels etc. I figure that we could all start at the trail head and walk and fix as we go. The entire trail is 12.5 miles so 3-4 hours should provide us plenty of time to complete.


Please forward to anyone else that may want to help.

Here is the address for GPS, YMCA Day Camp Manitou 9910 Briarwood Ave NE Monticello, MN 55362

Jim Bell
ATS Van Solutions
320-255-7458 office
320-258-8853 fax

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heads up Bikers- Race Across the Sky

November 4, 2010 in Waite Park @ 7:30 p.m.

NCM Fathom, Life Time Fitness and Citizen Pictures take you back to a sleepy Colorado mountain town for one of the most extreme competitions that athletes aspire to endure, the Leadville Trail 100. Set in the altitude of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Race Across the Sky 2010 brings this year’s Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike and ultra marathon competitions to the big screen with an all new documentary and panel discussion. On November 4, catch up with athletes from last year meet new ones as they recount the trials, tribulations and triumphs of racing at 12,620 feet. These new stories are sure to motivate and inspire you!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A well deserved Thank You!

A belated Thank You to all of the MMCC members that helped out over the crazy cycling week to replace boards on the bridge, support the trails at the McCann's Trail Fundraiser, cut out last minute downfall, set up the race courses, run around town and procure donations, race, volunteer during race day, clean up after the races, grill, pour beer, serve hot dogs, serve pork wings, make chili, buy raffle tickets and do it with a smile!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Movie/Slideshow

Untitled from Kyia Anderson on Vimeo.

Thank You MMCC volunteers, Central MN Nordic Ski Club, SCSU Women's Ski Team and everybody else who came out to help as well as all of our sponsors.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Course Conditions and Set Up

Single Track Escape Set-up from Kyia Anderson on Vimeo.

The course is really looking to be in good shape.  A wet spot in a lower lying area of the Prologue and a few greesy corners but all in all the course is in good shape.  Some water in registration area but that should soak in by the a.m.

MMCC and the Central Nordic Ski Club of MN has really done a lot of work so come out and enjoy a fall day and some great trails, food and schwag!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raffle Bike Frames and Bridge Repair

Mike and Ben at Revolution Cycle and Ski with the Niner frame they have donated for our raffle on Saturday at the MNMTS finals here in St. Cloud.  All proceeds go back to the trails.  Enter into the raffle for $15.00, get a pair of sweet MMCC wool socks from Sock Guy and the chance to win this frame and ton's of other sweet schwag!  Thanks Rev!

Mike at Fitzharris Ski and Sport sent along this image of the All City -Nature Boy bike frame and fork they are donating for Sunday's raffle at the Pork Chop Challenge.  Again all proceeds go straight back to the trails here in the St. Cloud area.  Thanks Mike!

Speaking of trails a few of us got out last night to do the final prep to the race course at the N. Loop, the mower that Mr. Anderson is operating and the weed whipper/saw blade Ben is using are all pieces of equipment we've been able to purchase and up keep because of our annual raffles and various other fund raisers the club runs. 

A huge thanks to Ted Schmidt at Avon Lumber for donating the wood to replace the old decking on our bridges on the N. Loop.  Local business have been great with donating goods for our race so please make sure you always support the local businesses that support the trails you recreate on.  Walmart and Sam's club have not supported us one bit, where the Good Earth Food Co-op and Coborn's has so think about where your dollars are spent.

Mike and Dan getting the job done.  Thanks guy's for coming out and helping with this!

Remember if you use these trails become a member (membership forms at trail head) and volunteer some hours because it's a lot of work to keep on top of these trails so they can be used by the masses.  Also come to our Trail Fundraiser Thursday night at McCann's.

Events for This Week
9/23 McCann's Trail Fundraiser @ 4-7 p.m.
9/24 Revolution Single Track Escape Race Course Set Up 3 p.m.
9/25 Revolution Single Track Escape Race Volunteer times coming
9/26 ~10th Annual Pork Chop Challenge and MMCC Chili Cook-off 
course set up @ 7 a.m.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chili Cook-off

Don't forget about the MMCC Annual Chili Cook-off this Sunday during the Pork Chop Challenge at Riverside.   Bring your award winning chili and add your crock pot to the line up of delicious food that we offer racers for a donation.  The more food the better if your not a chili maker bring some corn bread or other sweet treat.  We always have a great prize for the chosen winner.  All donations go back to the trails.

Events for Next Week
9/21 Trail work @ 5:30 p.m. final trail work and bridge re-planking
9/23 McCann's Trail Fundraiser @ 4-7 p.m.
9/24 Revolution Single Track Escape Race Course Set Up 3 p.m.
9/25 Revolution Single Track Escape Race Volunteer times coming
9/26 ~10th Annual Pork Chop Challenge and MMCC Chili Cook-off 
course set up @ 7 a.m.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Overall Winner Awards for next weekend

Putting the Overall Winner awards together the MN MTB Series finals and ~10th Annual Pork Chop Challenge

Events for Next Week
9/20 Skills Clinic N. Loop @ 5:30 p.m.
9/23 McCann's Trail Fundraiser @ 4-7 p.m.
9/24 Revolution Single Track Escape Race Course Set Up 3 p.m.
9/25 Revolution Single Track Escape Race Volunteer times coming
9/26 ~10th Annual Pork Chop Challenge and Chili Cookoff 
course set up @ 7 a.m.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trail Fundraiser

Hello all,

McCann's Brewery has been gracious and has donated a keg of beer and grilled appetizers from 4-7p.m. on Sept 23, 2010 on their patio at the brewery,  3308 3rd Street North
Saint Cloud, MN 56303-4123 (320) 217-5800.
  Donations will be accepted at the door and all donations go to the trail maintenance fund.  Come out and support your trails and a local brewery with the highly regarded micro brew hand crafted by club member Chris Laumb.  This is a family event so please feel free to bring the whole family.

Please invite friends and co workers even if they are not cyclists, as this will be an fun event for all.  McCann's has been a strong supporter of the club for years and we thank them for their generosity towards the cycling club, so let's show up in big numbers to support their effort.

With the fundraiser on Thursday and the MTB MNMBS finals on Saturday on the Jail Trail and the opening of the CX season at Riverside Park on Sunday this will be a great opening to an awesome week of cycling in St. Cloud.

Hope to see you all there on Thursday the 23rd.

 Other things to volunteer or be a part of during this crazy bike week
1. Skills Clinic on Monday Sept 20 @ 5:30 p.m. @ N. Loop
2. Race course set up Friday @ 3 p.m. @ N.Loop
3. Race course set up Sunday @ 7 a.m. Riverside Park, tear down following men's CX race
4. Chili Cook-off, bring a pot of chili on Sunday to enter your chili into the annual chili contest.  Other goodies are welcomed as well (bread, bars, treats, etc.)
5. A bicycle frame will be given away on Saturday and Sunday, thanks awesome sponsors, so make sure you buy a raffle ticket for $15.00 and get a pair of wool MMCC socks, for a chance to win these sweet frames and many other goodies.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trail Work Madness!

A great crew showed up for trail work tonight!  Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped out. All workers scored a sweet new shirt! A lot got accomplished and if we don't have any more storms that take down trees, etc we should only have a couple hours of bridge repair and that's it!  Look's like Friday we will also get the new addition to Twisted Sister in place (baring another rain storm)! 

There will be a skills clinic at the N. Loop on Sept 20, 2010 @ 5:30 p.m. So if your looking for a few secrets from a local Pro come on out and sharpen up your technical skills!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Trail Work this WED Sept 8 @ 5:30 p.m.

Working on a new bridge for the N. Loop.  This will go in Twisted Sister to cover a dark murky hole.  Mr. Imholte helped with the design and construction.

Don't forget trail work THIS WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 @ 5:30 P.M. ON THE N. LOOP

Friday, September 3, 2010

Trail work on the N. Loop, Wed

North Loop trail work this Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010 @ 5:30 p.m.

Finish up Max's option and a few other sections that need cleaning for the race on Sept. 25, 2010.

Refreshments will be offered afterward.

A big crew will make things go a lot faster so plan to be there.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

The trails are in SWEEET condition

Tyler (Mr. T) cleaning up the Dead Deer section of the N. Loop tonight.

Amo had his Xtra-Cycle out to haul around gas to all of the mowers and get some weed whipping in.

Having 4 lawn mowers a brush cutter and weed whippers makes trail work a breeze.  Your club membership $$$ at work!  

The Brush mower got around tonight, the single track is in the best shape ever.  The various crews did an exceptional job with really cutting back the brush.

Mike cleaned up the grass along the bridges and the rocky downhill!

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and to everyone who has donated time this past week to get our local trails all ride-able and in great shape for some awesome racing action, fall riding and night riding.  Having all of this equipment and volunteers to work really makes trail work a lot easier and we were able to get all of the N. Loop cleaned up in 2.5 hours instead of the 2-3 work days of 2.5 hours it use to take.  We have a few more trees to clean up that have fallen on the ski trail and some clipping of the overhanging brush along the single track for the race, so one more night and we should be ready to go for the race on Sept 25, 2010!  The trails are dry and in great shape!  Get out and ride!!

Remember to re-new or become a member of the MMCC.  The equipment to maintain the single track needs gas and maintenance.  If you ride the trails become a member  (forms in the white tubes at trail heads) and come out and volunteer.

Mowing at the Riverbluffs Park

A big thanks to Mike and crew who worked last night at Plum Creek/Riverbluffs Park.  Check it out, the trail is in good shape.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Plum Creek Assult

A few of us got out and cleaned up Plum Creek last night.  90% of it is mowed and ready for riding, all be it a little wet since it's been the summer of rain and yes, it did rain while we were mowing.  The club recently picked up a few new pieces of equipment since the coffee sales have been stellar we bought 4 "new to us" mowers and one of them is a large mower that is a grass eating machine!  Anderson covered some ground in a very short amount of time with it so go check out our handy work.  Thanks Doom, Imholte and Mr. Anderson!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help Needed

Thanks to all who came out to the organizational meeting tonight at the public library.

Volunteers Needed this weekend to help with the RR in Avon. 
Toren Heuval Kermesse a.k.a. Avon Road Race this Saturday in Avon, MN, looking for volunteers to control intersections and other traffic.  A lot of help is needed here and there are a couple different schedules.    2 shifts 8-12 and 12-4 Contact Jim Bell, jimbe@ats-inc.com

We also set up two trail work times to start preparing the race course for the race Sept 25.

This coming Sunday August 22th 3:30 p.m.-5 focus will be on the expert spur.  AND This coming Thursday August 26th @ 5:30 p.m.  Meet at trail head and have gloves, bug spray and I highly recommend long pants and sleeves.  Clippers and chain saws as well if you have them.

Also please plan on Sept 25 and 26 to volunteer and help out at our races so they are a success as always.  If anyone works or has connections at area businesses we are always looking for gift certificates or prizes for the CX race.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Club Meeting this Thursday

A quick reminder of some cycling/bike racing events coming up.  Help continue to keep these events in the St. Cloud area by offering up your time.

Organizational meeting Thursday August 19th at St. Cloud area Public Library at 7:30 p.m.,
meeting in the Array Room
For the 4th Annual Single Track Escape and 10th Annual Pork Chop Challenge held Sept 25 and 26th in St. Cloud.

Toren Heuval Kermesse a.k.a. Avon Road Race this Saturday in Avon, MN, looking for volunteers to control intersections and other traffic.  A lot of help is needed here and there are a couple different schedules.  Contact Jim Bell, jimbe@ats-inc.com

Hope to see you all out in force and at the meeting on Thursday.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I will try and make the meeting a little fun with some drawings for some sweet prizes!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

North Loop Report

Tonight Mr. Anderson, Ben Doom and myself went out and cleaned up some down fall, replaced some boards on the return bridge on Rogo's Run and also did some weed whipping.  The trail seems to be in really good shape considering all the rain we've had.

There is some talk of getting a crew together to clean up Plum Creek next week.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trail work Canceled for tonight at Plum Creek

Trail work will not be happening tonight at Plum Creek.  Check back here for a possible next week date.  The grass does need mowing and we hope to get something going very soon. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday night trail work on the N. Loop

Sheila and Chris cleaning up Maxxx's option.

Another warm evening working in the woods.  Thanks to Crash, Doom, Sheila, Chris Dosh and Mr. Anderson for all your hard work last night.  Oh, also John Kern he showed up later in the evening and went around and trimmed up some overhanging limbs.  After fixing one section of bridge on the outgoing of Rogo's Run I noticed another section that needs repair on the return bridge.  I hope to get that fixed in the next couple of days.

Looks like we need to head down to Plum Creek and get  that mowed up soon so stay tuned!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trail Work this Monday June 28th

The plan is to get the rest of the N. Loop trail cleaned up for the summer.

6:30 p.m.
N. Loop trail head
Beverages and tools provided

***Andrea Hill is preparing for the Habitat 500.  Help her reach her fundraising goals

****Also, check out the crit this Sunday around Technical HS. 

Volunteers are needed for course marshaling, get in touch with Matt Williams.

We are looking for volunteers for the following times….

 6:30 am - 8:00 am - course set up
8:30 am - 12:30 pm – corner marshal
12:30 pm – 4:00 pm – corner marshal

Anyone interested in volunteering can call me at 320-493-1803

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trail Report and State Crit in ST. Cloud this weekend.

A very dedicated group of 7 showed up for trail work on Monday night.  Thank you!!!!!  Sheila Amo is whipping the grass around the bridges on Rogo's Run.

A hot and humid evening had everyone pretty drenched.  Doom cut the trees out that have fallen over the recent storms and also did an impeccable job with whipping the tall grass in Max's Option and the section previous.

Thanks again to all who came out.  Looks like we will be meeting again next week to finish everything up.  The mower is getting a tune up as well as a whipper so please stay tuned to the chosen date and time.

Grandstay Criterium/MN State Championships Sunday, Granite City Days.

Volunteers are needed for course marshaling, get in touch with Matt Williams.

We are looking for volunteers for the following times….

 6:30 am - 8:00 am - course set up
8:30 am - 12:30 pm – corner marshal
12:30 pm – 4:00 pm – corner marshal

Anyone interested in volunteering can call me at 320-493-1803

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trail work on the N. Loop next MONDAY

Attention all MMCC Members:

Due to a last minute issue Trail Work at Plum Creek is cancelled for Wednesday June 16th 2010 and will be rescheduled for later in the month with the Trail Crew Leader.

Trail work has been scheduled for this coming Monday June 21st for the Graystone North Loop @ 6:30pm.  We have much clipping and mowing that needs to be done so we need a large crew.  Please bring a friend and bring gloves, bug spray, long pants etc...  If you have a weed whipper or clippers please bring them.

Please plan to attend Monday if at all possible to so we can get the trail cleared out for fast summer riding.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Wolly MTB race St. Croix Falls, WI

Passing along some info on a great race held by some great people this weekend in St. Croix Falls, WI

Hey All –

Some friends of mine are putting on the 4th Annual  St. Croix Woolly Mountain Bike Race on Saturday June 19. The main race is a three lap 24 mile course and there is also an 8 mile beginner race. I went out an pre-rode the race course on Sunday morning and they have done a great job developing some new trails and the course was in great shape even after receiving a ton of rain during the past week…not muddy at all. The course is about 2/3 single track and 1/3 double track and open trail. Overall I would say the track is a fast rolling yet challenging course with some nice climbs but not excessively technical single track which makes for a nice flow.

There is a cash payout for the top three men and women in the race and tons of swag from Park Tools and others. I hope to see some of you there this weekend…let me know if you want any other information. Pass this along to anyone else who may be interested in joining the fun!

Check out their website at: http://www.woollyrace.com/

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Post from Afton Avalanche

This time we hear from Josie Amo...

Dear MMCC,
       Today I raced The Lifetime Avalanche. From my prospective it was probaly the hardest race that i'v ever done! It was very hilly-mostly up hill-. I placed 1st in my age group. And really thats all that i have to say. I will try to rember to E-mail you my next race info.

                                                    Josie Amo

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No hoarsing around!!!

A note I got, please read and be respectful the next time you encounter any hoarse.

Good morning,

I am not really sure if I am sharing this information with the right person, but maybe you would be able to forward this and help us all out.

I live in area where lots of bikers like to practice, big hills, countryside, smaller roads.   I do ride a bike too, not the really cool ones like your memebers have, and my 50 miles a week, doesn't compare to the miles "real" bikers cover, but this issue is so easy to share, and I think it is a problem because a rider may not know what to do.

I also ride a horse, usually youngsters.  

Honestlly, a bike coming down the big hill, is very quiet, and comes very quickly.  A horse has no idea what that is or what you are.   If all bike riders would just yell out, "Hello.  Nice day."   Anything that would tell a horse you are a person on that bike, and not something sneaking up to get them, would be highly appreciated.    At 1,000 feet away I can say "Good day to you," as well and the horse knows it is OK. 

Please share with your bike clubs and local riders.   Yell out to the horseback rider.    Yell anything to share you are a person on that quiet bike.   The horse needs to know.

Thank you, thank you,

Mona Evens

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MMCC Jr. Race Team Report

A  quick up date from Sawyer Amo on his race at the Afton Avalanche this past weekend.  The race was race #2 MN Mountain Bike Series.  Great Job Sawyer and keep up the good work!

I thaught the race at Afton Alps was more difficult. I have to admit I fell two times. It was very hilly. Before my dad started his race I told him " Dad I have a tip, it is going to be hard".
After he finished he said "you were right". But I had a great time camping with the Kerns! It was a really cool finish, it was sort of like a figure 8 but without them connecting. It was even downhill. It all ended up being a great race, and weekend. I hope to do the race there again next year. And now I am ready for more races!!!!!   
                   , Sawyer Amo

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MMCC Jr. Cycling Team out in force!

Nick Kern after the Kid Comp race at the first MN MTB Series event held yesterday at Harmon Park in Inver Grove Heights, MN.  Nick got 4th Overall and 2nd in his age group!

Alex Kern, Sawyer Amo and Josie Amo. 

Josie placed first in her age group and it looks like 3rd overall! Sawyer had a strong showing in his age group (7th) as well and a fantastic placing overall.

Keep the wheels turning and send in your race reports!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wed night trail work report

Last nights crew for trail work at Plum Creek.  Everyone put in a huge effort and the trail should be in awesome shape!  Jim White helped clip back brush but was not available for the photo. Thanks to all!!!!!

Also I wanted to post one of our MMCC Jr. Cycling Team members, Josie Amo's race report from the Spring Fling @ Elk River last Sunday.

I had a ball doing my first 2010 race! I really wish that we could have had our Jerseys, but I did just fine wearing the pink kit that you gave me. I got second in the girls age group, but the woman that beat me was in har 30's! I had a ton of fun and really liked the trail! it  was kind of hard but i thought that it was more fun and more easy than plum creek. 
      All trough the race i cept telling my self that " I was riding my own race", and " I'v rode this trail a million times( I'v reallly rode it once about 4 years ago!)"
       I had really fun and i hope that i can race in my jersey next weekend at the Free weel Frolic!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Attention all MMCC'rs

Tall Grass Alert!!!!

We need everyone to come out and help with the mowing and potentially some sign installing this
WED MAY 19th @ 6 p.m. @ the Plum Creek/ River Bluffs Trail

Meet @ the white gate by the city compost sight. 

Bring yourself and 2 friends plus bug spray, gloves, whippers and mowers if you have them. 

Tall Grass Alert!!!!

Our club is looking for lawn mowers that work that can be used for trail maintanence.  We are down to 1 push mower that is dependable and we usually have three.

If you have a mower that you would like to donate leave a comment in the comment area.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Yup, it's been raining if you hadn't noticed so this means the Single Track is probably wet and sloppy.  Please wait about 4-6 hours after the rain has stopped to venture out onto the trails.  This allows a little bit of time for the water to seep into the ground.

Also remember trail work for Plum Creek on May 19th @ 6 p.m.  The grass is growing fast and we need all the help we can get.  We also will need some volunteers to help post some Non Motorized Vehicle signs we are getting from the Park Dept.  So, get out to help on the 19th! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elk River Spring Fling

If your looking for a fun early season race to "get the motor running".  Head to Elk River on Saturday.  More info HERE!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mayors Ride- June 5th

The St. Cloud Area Planning Organization’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is organizing a COMMUNITY BIKE RIDE on SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 2010

The ride will begin at St. Cloud City Hall (400 Second Street South) and will conclude at River’s Edge Park in Waite Park.  A number of community leaders including Mayors Dave Kleis and Tim O’Driscoll have confirmed participation along with Stearns County Commissioner Mark Sakry.  BLEND, the Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota and the Trauma Outreach Program at St. Cloud Hospital are partnering in support of this community event to raise awareness of bicycle and pedestrian activities in Central Minnesota.  We are also pleased to announce that Gold Cross Ambulance will be handing out Dairy Queen coupons to kids wearing helmets. 

The Mayors’ Bike Ride kicks off Bike Walk Week which is June 5th – 11th.  In addition, the Caramel Roll Bike Ride (Saturday, June 12th) caps off this week of activities!   

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy May!

There are two things....


Parks and Trails Legacy Plan

Workshops offer citizens an opportunity to help chart future of Minnesota’s parks and trails system.  More Info here if your interested in attending.  This Thursday at the St. Cloud Public Library.

2.  Also we got our first race report from one of the Team members on the MMCC Jr. Cycling Team, he participated in the Marty Road Race in Marty, MN this past Saturday.  It was a windy day so I'm sure the going was tough!  Great ride Nick, keep it up!

Nick competed in his first road race on Saturday. It was a windy one. He was last of 5 in the 14 & under but the youngest. He was a trooper.
Best thing was his spirits were high and he even said he would do it again. He was proud of his 15.54 mph average.
His next event will be the Freewheel Frolic in Invergrove Heights on 5/22 followed by the Kids Apple Duathlon on 5/28.

Chris Dosch was not able to race on Saturday. He’s been riding a bit and even made the Rev’s Thursday ride. I know he intends on competing in the Apple and Elk River MTB race. He wanted to try the St. Cloud Crit also. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trail Work @ Plum Creek

A HUGE Thanks to Mike, Marilyn, Ron and Mr. Anderson for 2.5 hours of mowing down at Plum Creek tonight.  Marilyn endured some issues with a lawn mower that didn't have a blade and running out of thread with the weed whipper.  Otherwise all the equipment worked well and all the grass has been mowed!  So if you see these people give them a pat on the back.

The new trailer is really nice as we have all the equipment in one place and not at three different locations. Now we need to have some lawn mowers worked on so if anyone is handy in that dept. and would like to donate some time to their repair that would be great.  Leave a comment in the comment section and I'll get in touch with you.

Also as a final note:  Twisted Sister is still closed (located at the North Loop).  Even though it's been very dry this trail is still very wet.  I ran through there today and all the lower lying areas are very soggy and wet and I noticed a lot of deep tire ruts.  Green tape is up for a reason.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Upcoming Trail Work and Group Ride info

Don't forget about trail work at Plum Creek this Wednesday @ 6 p.m.  The weather is looking good so come on down to the trails and help out!

Also if there are any races or group rides happening that are not posted post something in the comment section and I'll get that up on the blog.  Also, remember there is a message board so feel free to use that as well.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trailer Retrofit Complete...Let's work on trails!

The trailer that was donated last fall has finally gotten it's retrofit to fit all the mowers, blowers, whippers, shovels, gas cans, etc.

A HUGE THANKS to Dan OBoyle, Brian and Sheila Amo and Kyia and Kris Anderson.

Getting things started.  It took some time to design the whole layout but Brian, Kris and Dan really took charge with what goes where best.

Things are starting to come together!

Sheila's foot didn't allow her to do too much but she did an awesome job cheering us on.  (These blisters were from her Earth Day 1/2 Marathon earlier in the day).

Things have to go in just so in order for it all to fit.

 Measure twice cut once!

The Crew!

A few more touches and equipment placement and the trailer is complete.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Meeting Re Cap

A great turnout for last nights meeting.  50 sign ups, some repeating members and a few new ones!  Thanks! for supporting your local trails.  I hope everyone really likes there new socks and goodies.  Also, a big thanks for the food donations for the food shelf! 

One thing I forgot to mention was the donation from Skinz Protective Gear, last fall they donated a very large trailer for all of our trail work equipment and they also donated two brand new leaf blowers.   If you need some bike related accessories make sure you support this company as their donation was very generous!  THANKS!!!

Yes, there was quite a bit of rain last night so if you want to ride the trails make sure you give them some time to dry out.  It's been pretty dry so I think we are good but if the trails are mucky and slick just give them another day or so.  Happy Trails!

If you couldn't make it to the meeting last night and still want to be a part of the group forms can be downloaded here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MMCC Wool Socks...Rock!

MMCC Trail Supporters, Marilyn and Rob have been our guinea pigs and have been trying out the new MMCC Trail Supporter socks!  They say they are awesome!  Come to the MMCC Spring Meeting and Membership drive to get yourself a pair.  Also bring along a can of food for the food shelf and you'll get an extra goodie!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Meeting

I hope all can attend to the Spring Meeting and Membership Drive on Monday April 12th at Riverside Park.  If you bring a can of food for the food shelf we have some extra goodies to hand out.  2010 Membership form can be found here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

North Loop is Open

We opened up the North Loop on Saturday for riding.  All is open except Twisted Sister (that will be a bit yet). Please do not ride after rainfall or storms until it drys out.  Also please recognize if it gets really wet again we may have to close off portions of the trail temporarilly.

Plum Creek is all open and riding well.

Thanks for respecting the temporariy closure.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

North Loop Trail Report

Twisted Sister is closed!
The First few sections of trail at the North Loop have been opened!!  Thank you to those who stayed off of the trails while they were drying out.  Many did not and the decision has been made to keep ALL THE SECTIONS after "Rogo's Run" closed.  PLEASE GIVE IT A FEW MORE DAYS.  
With the wind and sunshine it should help things out a lot and we can probably open it soon!
When there is green tape and a log in your way it means that you should not cross under the tape.
Trail is CLOSED!

 This is the damage from those who decided to ride while the trail was wet. 

 We have a lot of months to ride these sections so just wait a few more days and then you can ride it as many times as you want.

Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Spring Meeting

Hello all,

Please plan for the spring meeting on:

Monday April 12, 2010 at the Riverside Park Shelter .  Time is 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.

This will also serve as our membership drive.  This years membership will include a pair of Sock Guy wool socks with the MMCC signature logo in Neon Green!  Membership costs are $20.00 per person (1 pr. socks) , $40 per family (2 pr. socks).  The first people to sign up this year at the meeting will also get the left over trail supporter goodies from last year as available (glasses and bottle openers) in addition to the socks!

We have a lot of things to cover so please come and be a part of the cycling community here in St. Cloud!

Check the blog for more updates on trail conditions, etc.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

North Loop Trails Closed

North Loop Trails are CLOSED!
Please stay off the trails to allow for trails to dry out.  
Word is Plum Creek is rideable, go there.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monticello MTB Trails-Take Action

Click on the link above if you want more info on the Monticello YMCA park.
Wright County Commish Rose is looking for folks to attend a meeting on Friday morning 9:30 regarding the old Camp Manitou.
Contact:   friendsofbertram@hotmail.com

In the news.

An article recently in the St. Cloud Times. Thanks to all who helped make this happen.

Congratulations to:
Josie Amo
Sawyer Amo
Nick Kern
Christopher Dosch

MMCC Spring Meeting
The gears are starting to turn on the planning for an early April meeting so look for more info to come. We will be having a regular organizational meeting so if you would like to commit to be a trail leader at Plum Creek or volunteer for various other things come with your enthusiasm.

The annual membership drive will take place as well as we should have our "Trail Supporter" swag ( Black, 6" cuff, Wool, Sock Guy socks) by then.

NEW Click on the USA cycling link and go over to the far right panel on their website-Cycling in the news and you'll see the scholarship press release.

Friday, February 19, 2010

News about Monticello

This is info that has been passed onto me about the fact that the Monticello park is in the works of becoming a County Park.

.this is to let you know that mountain biking is in the plan for bertram park usage and yes!! we want your people involved...need your help. looking for some more people to serve on the friends core committee...problem is that we meet on friday morning...usually monthly but if we need to we can change the meeting...right now it it getting to be too much work for our litlte committee...we need to strategize on this bonding bill in conference committee although we are in a very bad spot because only one wright co rep voted for it...please pass this on to your people...and let me know... also invite some of your friends to be friends of bertram on facebook...please and thanks. rose

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jr. Cycling Scholarships awarded

The Mid Mn Cycling Club Jr. Cycling Scholarship Selection Committee has met and has reviewed all of the applications that have come in. First we want to thank those who attended the fundraiser and those who donated money for the cause and secondly we want to thank those who applied.

After extensive deliberation the three member committee (headed by June Sayers; SCSU Research Associate and President of the SCSU Cycling Club) has selected the 2010 scholarship recipients.

2010 Jr. Cyclists will receive a custom Hidden Bay Sports MMCC Jr. Jersey and reimbursement of entry in up to 6 races in the 2010 cycling season. Recipients will show their commitment to the sport by performing trail work and volunteering during local cycling races.

The 2010 recipients are....

Nick Kern
Josie Amo
Christopher Dosch
Sawyer Amo


Monday, February 1, 2010

Spill the Beans

Freshly Roasted Coffee has arrived!!! We've got a Central American Theme going with several different roasts. Guatamalan, Nicaraguan and Mexican Altura. If that doesn't spark any interest there is Espresso and a Paupa New Guinea Roast as well.

Stop in at Revolution Cycle and Ski or Fitzharris Cycle and Sport to pick up one or many lbs. of freshly roasted Organic Fair Trade Coffee. Also Thank them for participating in this project and supporting the trails!!

I heard we will be building up a bunch of these with the proceeds to leave at the trail head of Plum Creek this summer so we can keep the tall grass in check this year!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jr. Cycling Scholarships due the 31st

Remember to get your info in for the Jr. Cycling Scholarships by January 31st.

I got down to Plum Creek last weekend. Not too much winter riding going on here but if your interested in packing it in with snow shoes, etc so riding is easier. Join the conversations on various message boards, MMCC or MORC.

Here is the single track along the West side of the Mississippi River south of the University.

I'm sure the weather this weekend has changed all of this dramatically but hopefully things will turn around soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jr. Cycling Scholarships

Jr. Cycling Scholarship info, click on image above for better clarity.
For members of the Mid Mn Cycling Club
Entries due on January 31, 2010

Send info to:
1201 8th Ave SE
St. Cloud, MN 56304