Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No hoarsing around!!!

A note I got, please read and be respectful the next time you encounter any hoarse.

Good morning,

I am not really sure if I am sharing this information with the right person, but maybe you would be able to forward this and help us all out.

I live in area where lots of bikers like to practice, big hills, countryside, smaller roads.   I do ride a bike too, not the really cool ones like your memebers have, and my 50 miles a week, doesn't compare to the miles "real" bikers cover, but this issue is so easy to share, and I think it is a problem because a rider may not know what to do.

I also ride a horse, usually youngsters.  

Honestlly, a bike coming down the big hill, is very quiet, and comes very quickly.  A horse has no idea what that is or what you are.   If all bike riders would just yell out, "Hello.  Nice day."   Anything that would tell a horse you are a person on that bike, and not something sneaking up to get them, would be highly appreciated.    At 1,000 feet away I can say "Good day to you," as well and the horse knows it is OK. 

Please share with your bike clubs and local riders.   Yell out to the horseback rider.    Yell anything to share you are a person on that quiet bike.   The horse needs to know.

Thank you, thank you,

Mona Evens

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