Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MMCC Jr. Race Team Report

A  quick up date from Sawyer Amo on his race at the Afton Avalanche this past weekend.  The race was race #2 MN Mountain Bike Series.  Great Job Sawyer and keep up the good work!

I thaught the race at Afton Alps was more difficult. I have to admit I fell two times. It was very hilly. Before my dad started his race I told him " Dad I have a tip, it is going to be hard".
After he finished he said "you were right". But I had a great time camping with the Kerns! It was a really cool finish, it was sort of like a figure 8 but without them connecting. It was even downhill. It all ended up being a great race, and weekend. I hope to do the race there again next year. And now I am ready for more races!!!!!   
                   , Sawyer Amo

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