Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet another MMCC Jr. Rider

MMCC Jr Cycling Team Rider: Gianna Pitt, 4 years old.  Just finished her training ride on the bike course for Granite Kid Tri.  Tomorrow we work on swimming.
Good Luck Gianna!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Please wait! We received several inches of rain...

Yes!!!!  The sun is out and maybe summer is here?  Finally!  If you head out on your mtb thinking you wish to ride the trails please just wait at least till later today so they have a chance to dry out some more.  I have not been out to the N. Loop but I am sure it will need 3-4 days of sunshine and wind to dry up the low lying areas, if not more.  The Plum Creek trail system drains faster but again with a wet spring there are some wet spots so just use some common sense.  Walk around or just stay out of the wet areas.

Thank you, MMCC Trail Crew

Monday, June 20, 2011

North Loop

A HUGE thanks goes out to the crew of 9 who cleaned up the fallen trees and the tall grass at the North Loop last Thursday.  Unfortunately the trails are pretty wet from all the rain so please let them dry out a little before you head out and enjoy them.  Rumor has it that the trail bits that were open earlier this year are good but the lower lying areas are mushy.  Use your brain.

A mowing date is in the works for Plum Creek/Riverbluffs single track, so stay tuned. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trail Work Set for 6.16.11 North Loop

Attention Cyclists!
Trail work at the North Loop Thursday June 16, 2011 @ 5:30 p.m..  Mowing, trimming, clipping and clearing are in order.  We will need a big crew so please bring yourself and your friends to help out.  

*Remember trail workers this year can win a lightly used Yakima Rocket Box!*

Cool refreshments provided.
Pants and gloves recommended.
Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Most of N. Loop Now Open!!

Dear Fellow Cyclists,

Most of the North Loop was opened today!  With the wind and the warm temps the last couple of days things have dried out substantially allowing for more trail to be opened.  Please note that there are some spongy spots so make sure you go through them instead of around them furthering the width of the trail.  There are a couple of downed trees that you might have to walk around in the interim while we get a trail work night set up.

A big THANKS goes out to all the volunteers who came out to help with the mowing, clipping and Bridge placing at the Plum Creek/Riverbluffs trail.  This trail is in good shape for a couple of weeks.  Again a few wet spots, ride through them.  Don't widen the trail by going around them.

If you have not filled out your 2011 membership form do so and get into Revolution Cycle and Ski or Fitzharris Bike and Sport with your money and to pick up your one of a kind coffee mug, we just spent $200.00 on mower repair and gas for mowing and whipping and every ones help is needed.  We are really trying to push this year if you ride the trail that you become a member because we spend a lot of time and money on keeping them in shape. 

 Dan mowing through the thick grass that some of the trail at the Plum Creek/Riverbluffs Trail runs along.
 Anderson and Dan taking a well deserved break w/ the temps in the upper 90's and the humidity very high.
 Sheila, Sawyer and Josie clipped the overhanging branches.
Doom, Anderson and Dan hauled our neighbors old dock out to the wet pit out on the trail.  They also took care of some downed trees.

Thanks again to Sam Eggers, Josh Nelson, Bryon, Sheila, Sawyer and Josie Amo, Doom, Anderson and Dan for your help last night in such tough conditions.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trail Work Monday June 9th and MMCC Jr. Cycling Team


 Connor Schad has been out representing the MMCC Jr. Cycling Team and took home 3rd place in the 19 and under age group in the paddle pedal run tri on Saturday, put on by Cambridge Cycling Club. The race was at Mankes Resort on Spectacle Lake just outside of Cambridge, MN.
Nice Work Connor!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plum Creek/River Bluff Trail Work Monday June 6 5.30pm

Trail Work and Membership

  • Membership Drive: still going strong.  We still have some coffee cups so get into Fitzharris Ski and Sport or Revolution Cycle and Ski and pick up your limited offer MMCC coffee mug.  We have a few more coming in June.
  • Trail Work Plum Creek Monday Night 5:30pm June 6th.  Please wear pants and bring work gloves.  We have a lot of mowing and trimming to do.  Please meet at the white gate off of 33rd Ave.  The N. Loop will be planned soon, but much of this trail is still very wet. 
  • Win a Yakima RocketBox ski carrier:! Thats right, this year thanks to Jim White's donation of a used RocketBox to the club all volunteers will get an entry at each trail work they complete.  At the end of the season one lucky volunteer will get a Rocket Box!  The more times you come to trailwork the better your chances of winning.  Estimated value is about $250!