Monday, November 29, 2010

Early Winter Update

Rumor has it people are still out and about riding the trails around St. Cloud.  Monday night rides are still taking place on the N. Loop @ 7 p.m..  Get as much of the N. Loop as you can because once the ski club starts grooming the N. Loop ski trails, the cycling trails close to cycling.

A large order of coffee will be hitting the shelves later this week.  Look for it at Revolution Cycle and Ski as well as Fitzharris Ski and Sport.  It makes great hostess gifts as well as Christmas Gifts.  Support your local trails and a local roaster.  Muggsy picks the best coffee beans for our cause; fair trade organic beans.

Please make sure you support your local stores this Christmas.  Unfortunately we recently lost a great bike shop this past week with the closing of Granite City Cycles this Sunday.  I'd like to take the time to Thank Gary and the staff that helped with the cycling events, trail work, and cycling advocacy in and around St. Cloud over the years. 

We will have the 2011 MMCC Jr. Cycling Team info up soon as well as info on a the fundraiser to generate funds for the cause.

Until then, keep the wheels moving!

Monday, November 1, 2010

MMCC Jr. Race Team 2010 Wrap UP

 The 2010 MMCC Jr. Race Team was out in full force taking on events across MN and WI this past summer.  The racers that represented the Team were brother-sister Josie and Sawyer Amo and Nick Kern.  In total they had 29 race starts and only one DNF due to allergies.  They over came a season full of mud races and plenty of travel. 
Nick participated in road, mountain bike and Duathalon events. 

In their reimbursement forms there were a few questions about their season that I will share with you...

Please describe some of the best and worst experiences during the 2010-racing season.
Nick KernWell the worst experience I had was when I got my chain stuck in my spocket at the single track escape.  The best experience was at the salem Park couse I thought I passed a lot.
Josie Amo:  The best experience of my racing in 2010 was when my cousin Lilly got to race with me.  My worst experience was at the afton was hot and hilly!!!
Sawyer Amo: Some of the best things were traveling with my family and riding different courses.  Some bad things were allergies to plants.

Did you participate in trail work during the 2010 season?  If so, what were you tasked with and did you learn anything from the task and working with others?
Sawyer Amo:  Yes, I owed, hauled gas, raked, and helped load teh trailor.  If you have a course you have to keep it in good shape.

Did you volunteer during the MMCC’s Revolution Single Track Escape?  Did you participate?  What were 3 things you liked about volunteering or racing?
Josie Amo:  Yes, I volunteered and yes I participated in the race.  Somethings that I liked about volunteering where I got to spend time with Matt Stone and my grandma.

Would you submit a proposal to be a member of the MMCC JR. Cycling Team in 2011?  If so why and what would some of your goals be?  
Nick Kern: If im still feeling good I will for sure as long as I'm healthy and strong.  My goal is to be better in every race I do.
Josie Amo: This is undecided
Sawyer Amo: I don't know if I will be joining the team for sure because of summer plans.

Thank you for being a member of the 2010 MMCC Jr. Cycling Program.  We hope you enjoyed racing in the MMCC jersey and that you were proud to be a part of a program that was possible by dollars donated for the sole purpose for you to be able to get to races and have an opportunity to learn and grow in the sport of cycling.

I've asked for some photos and when I get some I'll post their racing results.
Thanks again for your support of the Jr. Cycling Team.  We hope to do this again next season so look forward to the dates of the fundraiser.