Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trailer Retrofit Complete...Let's work on trails!

The trailer that was donated last fall has finally gotten it's retrofit to fit all the mowers, blowers, whippers, shovels, gas cans, etc.

A HUGE THANKS to Dan OBoyle, Brian and Sheila Amo and Kyia and Kris Anderson.

Getting things started.  It took some time to design the whole layout but Brian, Kris and Dan really took charge with what goes where best.

Things are starting to come together!

Sheila's foot didn't allow her to do too much but she did an awesome job cheering us on.  (These blisters were from her Earth Day 1/2 Marathon earlier in the day).

Things have to go in just so in order for it all to fit.

 Measure twice cut once!

The Crew!

A few more touches and equipment placement and the trailer is complete.  

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