Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wed night trail work report

Last nights crew for trail work at Plum Creek.  Everyone put in a huge effort and the trail should be in awesome shape!  Jim White helped clip back brush but was not available for the photo. Thanks to all!!!!!

Also I wanted to post one of our MMCC Jr. Cycling Team members, Josie Amo's race report from the Spring Fling @ Elk River last Sunday.

I had a ball doing my first 2010 race! I really wish that we could have had our Jerseys, but I did just fine wearing the pink kit that you gave me. I got second in the girls age group, but the woman that beat me was in har 30's! I had a ton of fun and really liked the trail! it  was kind of hard but i thought that it was more fun and more easy than plum creek. 
      All trough the race i cept telling my self that " I was riding my own race", and " I'v rode this trail a million times( I'v reallly rode it once about 4 years ago!)"
       I had really fun and i hope that i can race in my jersey next weekend at the Free weel Frolic!

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