Thursday, August 26, 2010

The trails are in SWEEET condition

Tyler (Mr. T) cleaning up the Dead Deer section of the N. Loop tonight.

Amo had his Xtra-Cycle out to haul around gas to all of the mowers and get some weed whipping in.

Having 4 lawn mowers a brush cutter and weed whippers makes trail work a breeze.  Your club membership $$$ at work!  

The Brush mower got around tonight, the single track is in the best shape ever.  The various crews did an exceptional job with really cutting back the brush.

Mike cleaned up the grass along the bridges and the rocky downhill!

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and to everyone who has donated time this past week to get our local trails all ride-able and in great shape for some awesome racing action, fall riding and night riding.  Having all of this equipment and volunteers to work really makes trail work a lot easier and we were able to get all of the N. Loop cleaned up in 2.5 hours instead of the 2-3 work days of 2.5 hours it use to take.  We have a few more trees to clean up that have fallen on the ski trail and some clipping of the overhanging brush along the single track for the race, so one more night and we should be ready to go for the race on Sept 25, 2010!  The trails are dry and in great shape!  Get out and ride!!

Remember to re-new or become a member of the MMCC.  The equipment to maintain the single track needs gas and maintenance.  If you ride the trails become a member  (forms in the white tubes at trail heads) and come out and volunteer.

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