Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We kicked Butt!!

A Huge Crew showed up tonight to clean up the N. Loop, at least 10 people.
And please show up Thursday night, July 30th @ Plum Creek, 6 p.m.
Above photo is Kyia and Ben Doom. The Snapper Brush mower is the mower we bought with monies from last years raffles and food donations at the two bike events we put on in Sept. We hope to buy more equipment this year, it will come in hand when we have 10 people show up for work. It truly makes a difference in cleaning the trail v.s. a lawn mower.
Ben cut out a lot of over hanging branches and some down trees.
Brian and Broman, "are you really working"?

Look at the cans around this guy!

A hard working duo, Conner and Charlie!

Better than riding the trail?

Even Max the Wonder Dog helped take down brush!
Thanks again!
Sorry about the terrible images, my camera has seen better days.

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