Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trail Update


River Bluffs - Single track is all open and generally in good shape.  A few small wet areas exist.  Ride through these areas not around them.  Conditions are 99% good.

North Loop - The majority of the system is very wet.  A portion of the trail is open.  Many sections however are closed off.  Please abide by all closures and detours and do not go around the tape or rope.  Further if you see rope or tape dangling from wind or other events please re-tie it.  When that section opens we will remove all of the tape.  Please also report any issues with down tape via email reply.  As a season reminder NO CYCLING ON THE SKI TRAIL AT ANY TIME.  We hope to open sections periodically as conditions allow and assess this routinely.  People not abiding by closures will delay opening since it stays wet longer.  



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