Monday, August 1, 2011

Volunteers Needed for Avon Road Race this weekend

Hello All.  There is a local road race in Avon this weekend that brings some of the top riders from around the state of MN and beyond.  Volunteers are needed for the following time slots.  Contact Jim if you are interested in assisting.  Your help will be greatly appreciated. -Kyia

Folks, as advertised here is the list of needs for this Sunday’s race.  Since most of us will be racing in the afternoon we will need some help at the corners during this time. If you could please ask family members for their help, it would be appreciated.

Set- up 7am Bernie Beuning and anyone else that can sweep corners and set up signs

Registration: 2 people, Kate and Kyia 7:30 am – 2:30

10 Corner Marshalls 8 am – 11am (These can be filled with Rev Riders)

10 Corner Marshalls 11 am – 5pm THIS IS THE BIG NEED!!!

Please reply to all as you offer help so we can keep track of where the help is coming from.


Jim Bell
ATS East Coast Van Sales
320-255-7458 office
320-260-2117 cell

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