Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Meeting at House of Pizza

The crew minus John Seiler!

A big Thanks to the House of Pizza for hosting the MMCC spring meeting/membership drive.  They were generous and donated 3 pizza's for our meeting tonight!  Some good things were discussed and planned for the upcoming season.

  • MN High School MTB Race at the Jail Trail on Sept 21
  • MN MTB Series Race at the Jail Trail on Sept 22
  • Trail work at Plum Creek w/ addition of some features (Thanks Dan!)
  • Trail work at the N. Loop- maintain and modify a few features
  • Ideas of Trail Signs, Brochures with club info to hand out at various businesses and trail signage at the N. Loop so people don't get lost or ride the same small loop over and over again.
  • Social media (Twitter account to come)
  • Equipment update (everything is running and a few things are getting fixed, Thanks Pat for fixing the flat on the trailer and donating time to go through everything!)
Thanks to all who payed their membership dues and supported the trails.  With out our volunteers and paying members the trails would simply not be possible.

Shirts and Pizza cutters will be dropped off at Fitzharris and Revolution so please print, fill out your membership forms (download here) and bring to Fitzharris Bike and Sport or Revolution Cycle and Ski support YOUR trails!

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