Friday, July 19, 2013

IMBA Trail Crew at Monticello Trails and Ski Trail Clean Up

Hello all,

A note from Joe Teff with the Nordic Ski Club:

We will be doing a trail clean-up effort for down trees on the prison trails  Wednesday afternoon July 24th   starting at 4:00pm . If you have time to help please meet at the white barn area. Possible tools you may want to bring are chainsaw , nipper, gloves and enthusiasm.
If you can come a  little later that is good also. You can call my cell phone at 293-5036.
Please e-mail me if you can make it.

Also some info from Jim Bell regarding the Monticello trails:

IMBA TCC Trail School session at Bertram (YMCA Camp)
We'd love to have some partisipants from the St. Cloud area too!
Note: Ignore that part of the details say it's at Woodbury.  The class is at the Monti Community Center and Bertram Lakes Park.
BTW - there's been some activity at Bertram the last couple weekends.  The trail is mowwed and signed and ready to ride.  Start at the main trailhead on the south end of the park off of 90th St.

Happy Trails!


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