Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sumatra is FRESH!

Fitzharris and Revolution have FRESH Fairtrade Organic Sumatra Coffee on the shelves!!
For each pound of coffee sold at these locations ~3 bucks go to the trails.
Remember to support your local trails and local bike shops!


  1. That down tree has been cut! Thanks to Ben (?) The North Loop is now in good shape except for a few soft spots, which are
    ridable. The start of Plum Creek is semi-blocked with cut trees.
    The workers there just don't get it. Guys, there is a trail!

  2. There are two trees in need of rectification at Plum Creek. We will try to get to this soon. Use caution on the portion under the bluff for the two trees. One is about shoulder height the other is on the ground.

  3. Trail Work at Plum Creek this Monday at 6:30pm K.A. More to follow.