Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trees Down

The N. Loop has a couple of trees down on the farthest portion out near the prison wall. Use caution. We hope to get a crew together and get out there to clean this up soon.

Also, the recent poll: Yes, if there is a mud puddle PLEASE ride through it, it's easier to fill a hole than repair a widening trail . If you go around you continue to make the trail wider and wider. If we have had a recent rain stay off the trails for a good 4 hours before riding so the water has some time to soak in. If it was a good soaking rain for several hours than it's probably best to go for a spin on the road.

Our trails are doing pretty well right now so Thank You to all that obeyed the trail postings, we have a few ruts out there from those that chose to venture under the tape but it should pound back in over the spring.

If you are riding at the N. Loop the Rogo's Return Bridge Trail is very soft so use the other bridge, maybe today will dry it out but use a little common sense if it feels soft.

Thank You

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