Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trail Work Report

Thanks to Mike Rathlisberger, Mr. Anderson, Taggert and a new person who's name I already forgot (sorry:(). We battled the Mosquitoes and the high humidity and put the five pieces of power equipment to work at the North Loop. I chose the Brushmower and headed to the tall grass areas and Taggert and Mr. Anderson took over the other mowers and started their way down the tral. Mike and New Person took the weed whippers. Mike had the blade rolling and the New Person whipped. He got a lot of the growth along the bridge sections and then he had some mechanicals. Anderson and Taggert broke both lawn mowers while Mike and I had good success with our power tools and worked a solid 2 hours. I drained my whole camelback and we were all a drenching mess. The Miller High Life never tasted so good!

Anyway, I did get a good story about the lawn mower from Anderson once we returned home that I have to share... He was mowing for an hour and forty minutes and was sort of hearing some clanking noise through his ear protection and didn't think much of it. Apparently it started after he got the mower stuck on a huge stick which stopped the mower, he had to pry it off the stick... So he started up the mower and carried along his way, mowing along and then looked down and there was the blade right at his feet! Hmmm.....

Oh, Trail work Thursday Night at Plum Creek @ 6:00 p.m. Get down there and maybe you too will have a " I was just mowing along" story!


  1. trail work was fun

  2. The new person's name is Burt check out his You-tube page

  3. Sweet videos! Thanks so much for your help with the trail work. Kyia