Monday, September 16, 2013

Race Week!

Hello all!

We are in the home stretch of the big race weekend!  Please find a way to help out as all the proceeds from this event go directly BACK TO THE TRAILS in St. Cloud.

Here is a quick shake down of what is going on this week.

Tuesday (17th): Trail work, 5:30 at the North Loop.
Friday (20th): race set up at the North Loop, starting around 2.
Saturday(21st): High School race, volunteers needed for numerous positions, mostly the concessions.  We hope to have the grills fired up by 11 and word is there will be 300+ hungry racers so if you have some time please stop by and help out.
Sunday (22nd): Our race.  Lots of help needed: parking, registration, on course Marshall's, finish chute, food sales, raffle sales, etc.  Please come lend a hand if you can.  There are two shifts 8-12, 12 to 4.

Email if you have any questions.,

Also, if you can't help out please consider making some baked goods for us to sell at the concessions on Saturday and Sunday.  Bring them wrapped in single servings and ready to go.  We plan to see this for $1.00 a piece so make it a good portion.  Drop off at Revolution Friday and Saturday if you can't make it to the race venue.

Thanks again for all of your help to make this weekend happen! 

The race courses (North Loop) will be closed on Friday mid afternoon through all day Saturday so please get out there and do your pre-race laps earlier this week.


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