Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Nate, Mike R. and Sam placing a piece of wood in the re built switch back on Skid Row.

We had a great crew show up for trail work last night!  It was hot and humid and everyone was eager to dig in and get some work done.  So a HUGE Thank you to Mike R. , Mike S., Sam, Nate, John S., Kyia, Ben D, and 2 SCSU dudes!   

The Sport Spur and Lay It Down got brushed and we got the first switch back on Lay It Down re-built.  There will be more work nights to finish this re-model after the race.

A big shout out to Jeff Bauerly for donating some Class 5 rock for our construction efforts.  So Thanks to Jeff and Knife River!

Things are looking super sharp for the race's on the 21st and 22nd.   We will have a volunteer email coming out soon so please consider helping out as this is our big fundraising weekend!

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